Review: Becca Fallen Angel Palette

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Beauty, Deals and Giveaways, Reviews
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BECCA is one of my favourite cosmetic brands, especially for natural beauty looks. I wouldn’t call them cheap, but you certainly get what you pay for – BECCA products are consistently high quality and always deliver. My first BECCA purchase occured back in about 2007 when I picked up the Luminous Skin Colour. I never wore much makeup then, but I loved how this evened out my skin tone while providing protection from the sun. Since then I’ve added to my stash with numerous creme blushes and one of my favourites, the Avalon palette.

One of the things BECCA does so well are their promotional photos for each collection. Today I am going to show you the Fallen Angel Palette from Holiday 2010, which is part of this gorgeous look:

The palette contains a mixture of lip and cheek products, including a lipgloss in Sunrise (sheer peach), lip and cheek creme in Nectar (tawny peach) and a highlighter in Narcissus (opalescent peach).

Packaging is minimalist, made of sturdy rubber similar to NARS packaging:

See pics below for swatches (L-R: Sunrise, Nectar, Narcissus, all swatched on NW15 skin):

and another one in bright sunlight…

Each product is 1.3g (a full-sized creme blush is 3g) and about the size of a 10 cent piece. The consistency of the products is excellent, especially the creme blush which easily blends into the cheeks. The lipgloss is sheer and smooth, but not sticky. The mirror is a good size (big!) and the little brush is very high quality and perfect for applying the lip gloss. For best results, I recommend using your fingers for the cheek products.

Overall I really like this palette and think it would be great for travel, just throw it in your bag and you’re set for the weekend. Unfortunately the colours are a bit too warm for me, especially on my pale skin but they would look great on those with warmer complexions or a summer tan. Check out this post on Makeup and Beauty Blog for an example. For what it’s worth, I’d snap up a cool pink version in a heartbeat.

The Fallen Angel Palette is no longer available on the BECCA website, but for a limited time, you can purchase it for half price (it usually sells for $64 but you can get it for $32) at Brands Exclusive who are also stocking a wide range of BECCA blushes, powders, lip glosses and eye liners. The sale ends in one day so be quick! 

Click here for a link to the Brands Exclusive BECCA sale.

Not a member of Brands Exclusive? Click here for a referral link.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to get the Fallen Angel look.


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