Review: Battle of the Volumisers

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Beauty, Reviews
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Yes, I know this pic is very ’90s and yes, I know I look nothing like an all-American supermodel, but what I wouldn’t give to have hair like Cindy Crawford! I’m one of those people with ridiculously fine hair. It’s the kind that has the natural gravitational pull of Jupiter, going limp at the first sign of humidity regardless of the styling product used.

In my quest for beauty pageant hair, I road-tested three high-end hair volumisers over the course of the year. I’ll preface my findings by saying that I know nothing beats hot rollers or a proper blow dry with a round brush, but since I’m a little rushed in the mornings, I’m looking for a product that can be applied to wet hair then blow-dried out. Anyway, here’s the results:

KMS California Add Volume Blow-Dry Lotion – RRP $28.95 for 200ml

Formula: Clear, alcohol-free gel.

Application: Squeeze out the equivalent of a 5-cent piece, rub between palms then apply to the roots of damp hair.

Results: Very good – I saw real results when using this product and was impressed that it worked on very wet hair as well as damp hair.

Tip: Avoid applying too much product or applying it to hair that is not quite damp enough as the end result can be quite crunchy!

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hair Spray – RRP $50.00 for 250ml

Formula: Non-aerosol spray. Doubles as a heat protectant.

Application: Spray onto roots of damp hair then work through to the ends with fingers.

Results: Honestly, this didn’t do much for me, and I even tried it with the matching shampoo and conditioner! The change in volume was quite minimal and while the ends of my hair were smooth, I noticed quite a lot of flyaways and static. Quite expensive and not worth the hype.

Tip: The drier the hair, the better the result.  Don’t apply on 100% dry hair though – it will become matted and crunchy!


Kevin Murphy Anti.Gravity – RRP $32.95 for 150ml

Formula: Oil-free cream.

Application: Squeeze out a small amount (size of a 5 cent piece or less), rub between palms and apply to the roots of damp or wet hair.

Results: Excellent! This lotion did a great job of plumping up my hair and smoothing away fly-aways. Minimal product is needed to get the desired effect, so one bottle lasts a very long time.

Tip: The packaging on this isn’t brilliant – sometimes all the product comes out at once! Remember to squeeze slowly and carefully to avoid wastage.

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