Review: Stila One Step Makeup Foundation

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Beauty, Reviews
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For about six months, my skin has been a mess. A blotchy, flaky, itchy and irritated mess. Nothing in my routine had changed, so I went through a painstaking process of elimination to find out which of my products was the culprit. My conclusion: my skin is changing and I just can’t tolerate liquid foundation any more. I went to the new home of beauty, Mecca Maxima in search of a mineral powder alternative.

The sales assistant recommended Stila One Step Makeup, a product that promises to be a primer, foundation, concealer and powder all rolled into one, with the benefit of “15 bio-available, ionically-charged minerals”. Despite it being a liquid formula, I had a play with it in store, asked four different staff if I should try it, then decided that the unanimous ‘yes’ verdict meant I should give it a shot.

The packaging is great – it comes in a cylindrical container (the usual Stila aluminium) which fits neatly in the hand and it has a pump to ensure minimal wastage and that the product inside stays hygenic. 

In the past I’ve been reluctant to try Stila foundations because I never thought I’d be able to get a colour match for my cool undertones – they always looked too yellow. I purchased Shade 01 Fair, which did look yellow when I pumped it on my hand but succeeded in neutralising my skintone once applied.

This foundation was expensive ($88 AUD for 30ml), however I found that I didn’t need to apply much. One pump is enough for my whole face. It is best applied using clean fingertips, starting in the centre of the face and blending outwards. To be honest, I wouldn’t even bother using a brush – I tried it just for laughs and it looked like a cakey, streaky mess! 

Strangely, the consistency of the product has changed since I bought it nine days ago. It was a thick, whipped mousse for the first few days, which I had to warm on the back of my hand and between my fingers before putting it on my face. I’m not sure if the warmer weather has made a difference, but now it’s thinned out to the consistency of a regular liquid foundation. I’d call the finish satin – it looked a bit dry over the first few days (due to the poor condition of my skin), but I found that a spray of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist (you could also use MAC Fix+) helped transform it to a more natural, dewy look.

The coverage is medium, however it can be easily sheered out or built up depending on individual needs. It does a great job of concealing redness, blemishes and mild acne scarring, however you’ll need a separate concealer for any heavy duty pimples. Same goes for under the eyes – it looked dry and cakey so I went back to my Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.

I tried this out for a few days with NARS primer underneath, then a few days without and I honestly couldn’t tell the difference – my skin looked smooth and the staying power was good enough to last through the day – so I think it covers off the primer role pretty well. For best results, start with a moisturiser, let it soak into the skin, then put the foundation on. It is important to note that this product DOES NOT contain sunscreen, so you will need to add it into your routine.

All up, I think Stila has done a great job of creating a simple, high quality product that does it all. By eliminating a separate primer, concealer and powder from your beauty routine, you could save a heap of time getting ready in the morning! However, it’s a pity they didn’t include sunscreen and a wider range of shades, especially some that have pink undertones – they could have made this a real winner.

So did it work for me? YES!! There was a noticeable difference in the appearance of my skin over the course of usage. The dryness and redness have cleared up and I have not experienced any breakouts. I would happily recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin or anyone that just wants to simplify their routine. I will definitely be repurchasing!


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